Blogger vs. The Best Platform for Beginners

While there are many blogging platforms available to a new user, WordPress and Blogger are no doubt the two undisputed kings of Blogosphere. Although both offers the same services and are equally workable, there are some core features that distinguish them from each other and depending upon your initial preferences one might suit you more than the other.

Now WordPress has two flavors:

  • self-hosted blogging engine that you’ll need to host somewhere and manage yourself
  • You’ll focus on creating beautiful content and everything else will be handled automatically (kind of) is basically a commercial venture from people who built WordPress blogging engine to earn some money back. In this post we will be giving you a detailed breakdown of and Google’s Blogger while will be focused in our upcoming posts.

Since it’s a commercial venture meant to earn bucks, although basic services are free premium features would cost you a fortune compared to the competitors.

It’s easy to setup; create an account on, tell them your blog title and its done. Your blog is Live!

Free Version includes:

  • A static or hybrid blog website
  • 3GB of storage for posts and media (more than enough for a starter – none of my blogs ever crossed this storage limit)
  • Provides free statistics for visitor tracking
  • Thousands of non-premium themes to select from – ready for customization after premium upgrade
  • Blog on the go via apps made for Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices

Premium Upgrades Include:

  • Custom designs via CSS edits and fonts (no PHP edits) – $30/blog a year
  • Custom domain name which removes part of your URL – $13/blog a year
  • Transfers your blog to your own web-hosted – $129 one-time payment per blog
  • Ads Free, WordPress will not show any possible adverts on your blog – $30/blog a year
  • Premium themes – priced individually, one time payment per blog
  • 301 redirect from your old URL ( to new domain – $13/blog a year
  • Additional space for storing more content and media files – prices vary depending upon package
  • VideoPress, host and embed your own videos on your blog – $60/blog per year
  • VideoPress ($60 per blog, per year) for uploading, hosting and embedding your own videos on your blog


Blogger on the other hand is not a commercial service, it was acquired by Google in 2003 who is since managing and introducing new featured every now and then and the best of all, there are no premium upgrades; everything is free for everyone. Which means there is no fee for custom domain names (although you have to pay for the domain registration fee), no fee for theme customization, no storage issues etc.

Some of the core features include:

  • A template designer for customizing your blog’s appearance
  • Free hosting, free Blogger (or BlogSpot) sub-domain and option of using a custom domain (either registering through Blogger or using one you already have)
  • The ability to add media to your posts, with no quoted maximum storage space.
  • Quick access to Google’s advertising schemes
  • Pages static content on your blog
  • Mobile access via iPhone and Android apps, as well as SMS or email blogging

It really seems that despite WordPress having a lot more resources, themes and useful set of plugins Blogger offers more than enough for users looking for a free service with all basic features.

Premium Upgrades? Just like mentioned before, there are no premium upgrades for blogger blogs as of now.

We will be discussing about how to get started with your first blog in our next post.

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