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Writing for DrBlogger.net will not only get you more exposure, but will also enable to you to serve back to the blogging community. By writing guest post you will also give back to the community once you learned from. We are helping a lot of newbies to medium level blogger on regular basis and that is how we believe we learnt back when we started. If you feel the same, give us a heads up and if we like your idea, we’ll get back to you with details.

Topics We Usually Cover

  • Beginner Tips for Blogging
  • Blog Monetizing Methods
  • Tutorial or How To: WordPress
  • Tutorial or How To: Blogger (blogspot)
  • List of Useful Themes
  • List of Useful Plugins
  • Theme Reviews
  • Plugin Reviews

Although the list above covers most of what this site is made of, but we are not restricting you just here. We will accept each & everything related to blogging as we are the Blogging Doctors so you can came up with your own ideas as well.

Writing Guidelines

He hate spam as much as you do and our readers are the same. Make sure that you provide us with an Original Article.


DrBlogger.net is not about gathering copyscape protected junk but a place where all its users get is Quality.


If you are using someone else’s material or gathered information please cite the source web-link at the end of your post. You will have to attach an image of 256 x256px Thumbnail Image that perfectly describes your article. Please be sure that either the image is Free Stock Photo, in Public Domain or else give credits to the original author under your post.


We do allow promotion of your plugin or theme on our site but to a certain limit, if you think your product is built with quality, you can also ask for a featured review from our suggestions page. Avoid using a complete promotional context and support your text with images, videos, screen-shoots or any other available media that supports your product. Be sure that you are unbiased and what you wrote is true and nothing is kept hidden from our readers which includes but is not limited to some after sale services terms to follow up with.

We at DrBlogger.net realize that promoting a product or service with a distinguished content is hard to write, but you have just built an AWESOME Product or Service and now its time to tell the World about it, lets just get a little more Creative?


So you are about to write an interesting article for our valuable readers? We value you a little more that and will reward back-links to your site and the product at the end of your each post in the author bio. If you have an idea or a post ready please give us a heads up with some details.

Application Form

Please note that we do not need your complete article copy, just a few important excerpts or a detailed idea will do the job. Also it would be great if you can give us a time frame that when your post will be ready. If our editorial board finds your post making way to our blog, we’ll contact you for the complete article.


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